using a drone to create 3D models of historical ruins

drone deploy 3D image

At the weekend, I came across a cool new tool – Drone Deploy – which can be used to create 3D images (and more) by stitching together hundreds of geo-tagged images taken with a drone. Whilst it’s early days in my… Continue Reading

Twitter Conversation Archetypes and What They Mean for Your Brand

Image from Pew's Network Analysis

Back in the mid-to-late 1990’s, I was one of what seemed like a small handful of social scientists investigating the structures of conversation and community in online spaces. Fast-forward nearly twenty years and I’m fairly certain social media is now… Continue Reading

does your brand have fickle friends?

Would Your Brand Be Sad?

Would your brand be sad if suddenly, without warning, a meteor came crashing down out of the sky, wiping out all of it’s fans and followers? It’s an interesting way, I think, to begin challenging the assumption that having fans… Continue Reading