New free wireless points in St. Albans

This isn’t likely to be relevant to more than a handful of readers so I’ll keep it short. A few weeks ago I blogged about an idea to share my wireless broadband connection with the rest of St. Albans (you can currently pick up my network on a section of Alma Road, Bedford Road, and on a good day Inkerman and Alexandra – and I hope to boost the signal soon. Today I came across Guy Kewney’s Wireless Campaign site where he reports that a number of pubs in St. Albans will soon have Broadband. Add that to The Blacksmiths Arms, which has an unsecured network, the Cock (usually secured), and the Univ of Herts (secured). The pubs are Barneys (London Road – great veggie burgers), The Mermaid (Hatfield Road – decent live music), The White Hart Tap (Keyfield Terrace – they serve Hoegarden), Martini Restaraunt/Radio Days Cafe (which are right next to the Cathedral… going to have to see what their coverage is like!).

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  1. I’m running 2.5Kw ERP licensed FM television on 2.440 GHz from Ridgmont Rd. I’d steer clear of wifi channel 6 if I were you! (2.437 Ghz)

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