news orgs tout for user content

Within minutes of reports, still emerging, of possible small explosions at several tube stations in London, two weeks after the original bombing attacks, both BBC News and Sky News are touting for user submitted photos. This demonstrates how much importance news organisations are starting to place on user submitted content, particularly as events are unfolding and news crews scamble to get to the scene of major incidents. Is this the awakening, finally, of major news organisations to the idea of the Citizen Journalist?

Sky News Asks: Were you anywhere near the incidents at Warren Street, Oval or Shepherd’s Bush? Were you on any of the tubes. Please send us your photos or experiences of what happened.

BBC page asking for user submissions

Update – 14.39 on 21 July: user generated content starting to appear on BBC News website

Update – 04 August: "Four weeks on from the London bombings, the news business in Britain has changed forever" writes BBC News Online’s Torin Douglas

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  1. Your news, your pictures

    The BBC encourages the public that might have any photos or eye witness reports on the latest blast to send them in. “If an event is unfolding before your eyes and you capture it on a camera or mobile phone,…

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