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The following is a categorised list of content found on the cybersoc blog (this one!). I’ve not listed entries that just contain a link or conference/event announcements.

Like with most blogs, you can also navigate using the monthly index or via tags, both of which are found to the right.

Online Community Management:

Moderation and Hosting – What? Who?

digital bullying & UK law

User Generated Content Law – Yahoo Case

Libel threat to user tagging sites?

Message Board Law: 1 – Libel

you can make money from community

how online communities are changing business

bad behaviour in online spaces

Yahoo closes (some) chat rooms

how not to deal with message board users

article: the power of us

Original Editorial

only in cyberspace is the public all private

Localisation of search and online community

Global Networks Act Local

An apology to the internauts

Blogging and Photo-Sharing for Activists

Blame it on email

Blog Law

Intro to Digital Broadcasting (audience communities?)

Free Wireless Broadband for Everyone…

Always connected, but how steep is the downside?

Finding trustworthy information in the blogosphere?


news orgs tout for user content

toothing – not a hoax in the middle east

mobile owners urged to store emergency contact details

mobile phones capture blast aftermath

Church of England encourages texting (sort of)

Wi-Fi from the Pews

"happy slapping" – not just a fad

iTunes (and Mac) Mobile Phone Remote

Online Dating:

Dating Through the Network

online dating: how to get more emails

Online Dating with Google Maps

Maps Linking People (services)

hotornot + google maps

GPS enabled Monopoly!

activism: mapping fruit trees

location based wikipedia (?)

free wireless broadband in St. Albans (Map)

creating your own " [whatever] + google maps "

Geobloggers: Flickr + Google Maps


podcasting information, how to’s and legal info


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