new year tech quiz & votes for tech stories 2006

Do you know your megabytes from your megapixels? If so, have a go at BBC News Online’s New Year Technology quiz. The ten questions will test your knowledge of the technology year. I got 7 out of 10 (4, 5, 10 were about gaming and p-2-p networks which aren’t my strong points).

You’re invited to post your own results here as comments as well as any thoughts you might have on what will, and what won’t, be the big technology stories of 2006.

My votes for top 5 tech stories are:

1. folksonomy (“folks” organising the web together, part of the web 2.0 concept)
2. battle of the gaming consoles, particular in the broadband networked gaming arena
3. digital tv and digital radio standards issues (in the UK) – compatibility issues could arise between the equipment of those who have already gone digital and new better standards (HDTV over freeview, MP3 or better instead of DAB’s current MP2, etc)
4. apple mobile phone/iPod (hopefully a mobile phone with wi-fi and built in voip capability – make calls for free whenever you can pick up a network) [pure speculation!]
5. a continued hype around citizen journalism with several high profile commercial launches, particularly involving user contributed video news

Happy New Year!