citizen journalism: online debate with Guardian, BBC, etc

The Guardian is currently running an online debate about citizen journalism. The panel, chaired by Jeremy Dear, general secretary of the NUJ, includes:

Carol Hall, Rights Manager, BBC News
John Thompson, MD, Mousetrap Media
Kyle McRae,
Fiona Brownsell, CEO, Youview
Eddie Gibb, Head of External Relations, DEMOS
Bill Hagerty, Editor, British Journalism Review
Vicky Taylor, Editor, Interactivity, BBC
Jemima Kiss, News Editor,
Simon Waldman, Guardian Unlimited

Audience members are invited to post their own questions and comments… but I’ve noticed that there aren’t any rules or publishing criteria displayed and although I posted my own question about 45 minutes ago it has yet to appear. Tsk Tsk Guardian for not making your decision making process more transparent .