win a free flickr pro account

Freeflickr is giving away a free one year flickr Pro account*.

But why?! Oh you sceptical readers just don’t know a freebie when you see one, do you? There’s no catch and no, flickr isn’t paying me to say that they aren’t paying me to do this. I’m feeling generous because, as I’ve explained in previous months, the whole point of having a few fairly harmless ads on this site was to pay for the hosting services and not to make a profit. Think of this as my buying a beer for my website friends if you like…

Here’s how you enter to win:

Post a comment below with a) your name and b) what city/town and country you live in. Make sure you fill out the bit where it asks for your email when you’re posting the comment otherwise I’ll have no way to contact you. That’s it – your name will go on a piece of paper in a hat and you’ll have the chance to win. (Please please please only post your comment once. It goes into a moderation queue when you do and your name might not appear but trust the software – it works.)

It would be *really cool* of you to also post the image above (it’s at on your blog or photo sharing account (flickr, myspace, etc) and link back to this blog entry. In fact, do that and post the link in your comment/entry below and I’ll put your name on two pieces of paper – giving you double the chance of winning.

I’ll draw the lucky winner’s name on Valentines Day so that you can have your flickr pro account up and running in time to post loads of photos from your date, or post loads of photos trying to get a date. Sorry, contest closes at 250 entries OR at noon GMT on 14 February 2006, whichever happens first.

* If flickr happens to change it’s fee (currently US $24.95 for a year) you’ll get the account or a cheque in the post, whichever is less. You’ll need to have a flickr account, or sign up for when if you win, before I can “gift” you with the pro account. One entry per person using method prescribed above. Your name and any other information will not be used, stored, manipulated or otherwise messed about with by me and I’ll never ever ever sell it, trade it or barter it for anything. And of course I reserve the right to close the contest for any reason although it’s almost outside the realm of possibility that I will do so. And just to re-iterate: this contest has nothing to do with flickr!


  1. A great blog – icnredibly useful and with a bit if edge

  2. Scott
    London, UK
    (well, I’ve been holding out on Flickr for ages…)

  3. Daniela Vieira Palazzo
    Porto Alegre, RS
    Two little papers with my name on them, please!
    I really want to win a free one year flickr Pro account!

  4. oakdale, mn, usa
    i found flickr yesterday and i used up my bandwidth without knowing there was a limit.
    *forehead smack*

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