, PBS and XM Radio launch Participate.Net

PBS, and XM Satellite Radio in the US have teamed up to create, where audience members can submit short videos, podcasts and text stories to be reused by the various partners in the project.

“As a community of citizen journalists, we must be committed to fair and balanced reporting. To create honest and effective reports, be sure to read and follow the Journalism Code of Ethics, provided by the Society of Professional Journalists. Get the facts. Report the truth.”

“Your fellow Participants will then rate your work and tell you what they think. The best pieces may be broadcast to a much wider audience by our media partners, PBS,, and XM Satellite Radio (we’ll email you if your piece is chosen). So seize this opportunity to join a community of citizen journalists dedicated to being catalysts for change. Remember: Your voice has impact. And we want to hear what you have to say.”