1. Thanks for those links, there is some really useful info there. One of the reasons I like WordPress so much is that there are some brilliant tagging plugins for it.
    I recently upgraded to one that lets me create tag groups, change the layout and alter the place clicking on the tag takes you.
    I now have two types of tag, the technorati tag that takes you to posts everyone has made on the subject and my personal tags that takes you to posts I’ve made on the subject.
    More here http://www.upyourego.com/wordpress/?p=303
    I’ve also been playing with the idea of a new tag engine project, a search engine that works in a new media utopia where every story, article, feature or page on the web has tags associated with it (tags like flickr or more complicated controlled vocabularies).
    More on that here http://www.upyourego.com/wordpress/?p=306

  2. Random Readings

    Here’s a list of things that have caught my eye the last couple days but that I failed to comment/post about.
    LEGO difference engine – this is neat, but this reminds me of a related item, which follows.

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