another day, another conference announcement

Early May is going to be a busy time for conference go-ers. Not only is wemedia (and possibly a fringe!) coming to town on the 3rd-4th, but the Association of Online Publishers is holding a two day conference, Tomorrow’s Web, on the 2nd and 3rd. So which to go to? Well, it’s a no brainer decision for me – whichever I can successfully blag my way into, if either.

The AOP conference includes the BBC’s Pete Clifton, who is becoming somewhat ubiquitous at these events, and some fairly important sounding people I’ve never heard of giving talks on podcasting, blogging, tagging, video advertising, mobile advertising, etc. Oddly, Lord Heseltine will be making an appearance as well.

I’m really starting to feel like there IS something exciting happening in the online world – big fish are snapping up social networking and community sites like it’s 1999 all over again, conferences are popping up EVERYWHERE I look (and able to charge whopping entrance fees to see people you have never heard of), students are starting to randomly email me with their CV’s again, and I even get the odd recruiter asking if I’d be suitable for various jobs that I’m not at all suited for.

I’m really trying to keep my head beneath all the present hype but, you know, it’s getting sort of difficult…


  1. Hi Neil – the “wemedia fringe” is an idea I bounced around yesterday and, it seems, at least a few people are interested in. Scroll down and you’ll find the post about it. ;-) Robin.

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