some links

I’m not doing a very good job of writing up some of the stuff I’ve been reading recently but still wanted to draw them to your attention:

  • A behind the scenes look at the launch of The Guardian’s Free Your Mind project
  • The Sun is planning on using MySpace, a fairly recently acquired property of News International, to boost readership:
  • SocialSim – a blog covering social software and online gaming that I recently discovered
  • US newspaper site "combines citizen journalism with traditional journalism" (disclaimer – I haven’t clicked to see whether the site itself lives up to the hype)
  • The BBC’s Kevin Anderson on how it’s becoming difficult to differentiate between the audience and the author.
  • "ads offer to swap rent for sex" (Ok, ok, I’m a google search result tart)
  • American media giant NBC buys iVillage
  • Collaborative Filtering Research Archive
  • Nebraska court reportedly asserts jurisdiction over case involving photos posted online in California and despite no other link (previously, most courts would have asserted jurisdiction by showing, for example, that a website was trying to reach customers in the state where the claim was being made or on the basis of the harmed individual’s "personal jurisdiction" – something that, apparently, is called the Zippo Test) than the claimant being in Nebraska.