geek stuff in french: the infrastructure behind myspace

I don’t know more than four words of French so there’s always a risk that the blog post by Fabrice Epelboin that I just stumbled upon, L’infrastructure derrière MySpace, may actually be about photos of butts on rather than the infrasctructure behind it:

Quelques chiifres pour nos amis geeks :

2,682 serveurs web
90 serveur ‘cache’ avec 16GB de RAM chacun
450 serveurs Dart pour la pub
60 serveurs de bases de données
150 serveurs spécialisé ‘média’ (son/image)
1000 disques dur en SAN
3 data center
17000MB/s de bande passante

Here’s Google’s French –> English translation of the text.


  1. Well, I’m too busy/lazy to write in English, but infrastructure has the same meaning in French and in english ;-)
    Basicaly, this post was about the technical hardware powering myspace, and had nothing to do with butts or anything related (thought if you have some data about this, I’ll be happy to read them ;-)
    serveur : server
    base de données : database
    disque dur : hard disk

  2. Pretty impressive setup they have… it basically translates to this:
    2682 web servers
    90 cache servers with 16GB of RAM
    450 Dart(?) advertising servers
    60 database servers
    150 media servers
    1000 disk SAN
    3 data centers
    17000 MB/s of bandwidth

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