opportunities for media/journalism students or amateur jornos

Are you a media or journalism student? Reckon you can podcast, shoot and edit video for the web, blog, write articles for student magazines or newspapers? If so, the We Media Fringe, taking place at a secret location in SoHo, London on 03 May 2006 needs you!

You’ll get an exclusive "fringe press pass" to attend and cover the event. You’ll get to meet some of the media world’s bigger (we won’t say biggest) names, interesting new media types, internet activists and a few people with strange coloured hair.

YOU will get preferential access over any proper press card carrying, TV camera toting, radio boom prodding professional journalists who turn up. It is a fringe afterall.

Get in touch if you think you fit the bill, are really going to turn up on the evening, don’t expect payment or free beer, and generally just think this might be a cool way to create some content to share online (or elsewhere). Reply with a comment (link just beneath this text) containing your email address and, if you’ve got a blog or whatever, a link.

**UPDATE: BBC 5Live’s Pods and Blogs has agreed that, in exchange of us letting their journalist in, they’ll work alonside our "official fringe podcaster" and use their audio on-air. We’ve cut a similar deal with the BBC News Website, giving a journalism or media student the opportunity to work alongside the BBC’s Alf Hermida at the fringe event. **

If you are a bonafide student, a podcaster, an amateur video producer etc and want to cover the event please meet at the venue at 6pm. I’ve already got a list of some of you but a few more are welcome.


  1. Good Man Robin Hamman

    Robinis arranging a fringe event at the time of the We Media conference in London. He has managed to get the assistance of many on the contributors to the main event.
    TAG IT: wemedia

  2. Hi:
    I run http://www.p2pnet.net and I’ll travelling from Canada to be at the We Media forum.
    Your event looks interesting as well ; ) Any chance of letting me know where it’ll be, and when? Also, if it’d be a good idea for me to contact you in advance, please tell me how to do that.
    I’m going to be travelling from Vancouver Island in British Columbia most of today (Sunday) but I’ll be in Britain by tomorrow evening.
    Cheers! And thanks. And all the best …

  3. Have sent you mail Robin but hope it hasn’t been caught by the spam filter. Will be attending We Media from China, and hope you can let me know the time/location of the Fringe event in Soho. Cheers.

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