yet another social software event (2!)

I’m starting to think we need an acronym to easily describe the whole class of “web 2.0”, “social software” and “citizen media” conferences that are popping up in the calendar. (YES, it’s exciting that so much is going on but it’s an absolute killer to have to choose between them when you’re on a non-existent public service organisation conference budget.) I propose, as the acronym, something like YASSE which, if you’re trying to sound it out and have a Louisiana drawl would sound something like “why, yessss” or “why, ass?!”. Ok, I need to put a bit more thought into this.

NMK are holding two events that might be of interest:

User Engagement: HighWays & By-Laws – 18 May: Speakers include AOL UK Head of Policy Camille De Stempel and Julian Coles, Senior Adviser, BBC Editorial Policy discussing newly proposed EU and UK regulations on user generated content.

content 2.0 – 06 June: Do user generated content (UGC) and social networks pose a significant threat to content created by traditional content producers? What kind of impact do current trends and innovations have on established business models? Is Web 2.0 more about delivering a social value or benefit for the consumer and where do brands figure in the connected landscape? How will the commercial value of content be realised in the future? How do we handle the transition? Find out at this London conference…

(available as a podcast)


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