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I knew that a lot of people were meeting on internet dating sites but, in all honesty, I had no idea exactly how huge the numbers have become. EHarmony, but one of the main US dating sites, reckons that “over 33,000 members” got married over a 12 month period. Now that is a lot. See Mark Brook’s post on Online Personals Watch for details.

Speaking of Mark, he’s also posted about Rupert Murdoch’s belief that the future of his newspaper businesses depends on their successful integration with myspace.

And for those of you who use wifi hotspots, why not have a chat with other people using the same hotspot? Mark’s got details of that too…

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  1. The numbers do seem to be increasing, I met my wife on a teen dating site when I was 17 – we’ve now been married for six years and have two children.
    My father in law met his wife (not my wifes mother) on the internet and has now been married for nearly ten years.
    When we first got married and told people how we met we were usually met with strange looks and a torrent of questions – now when we tell people who didn’t already know it’s treated with the same response as saying we met in a bar.

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