redesign the BBC homepage… by Thursday

Stream For those of you who missed it, a few weeks ago Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC announced reboot, a competition giving users the chance to redesign the BBC homepage. So far submissions include everything from the iPod influenced “shuffle“, the only design I’ve ever seen that makes BBC news look sexy, and —stream— which I rather like myself.

What’s so cool about a competition to design a homepage? Well, for starters what other website with millions and millions of users everyday would have enough faith in it’s audience to throw the doors open and ask them to come up with a redesign for the homepage?! The competition blog is also interesting in that it allows people to submit a chunk of text and a link – but doesn’t actually host the content. Will the BBC actually use the winning design? I have no idea, nor am I privy to any conversations that suggest otherwise, but I hope they do.

Regardless, there is a point in my mentioning reboot now – Thursday is the deadline, so if you’re interested, get your entry in nowish.