tool: broadcast your podcast

BroadcastyourpodcastAn Amsterdam based artist, Lotte Meijer, has created "broadcast your podcast", a technology and an idea to help podcasters get their content into the FM radio band.

"The idea is to allow people to hear podcasts without the need for expensive equipment or fast internet connections… By using a BYP transmitter podcasts can be broadcast on FM for anyone to hear using a simple radio tuner. BYPs strategy is to distribute these units for free to podcasters so they can extend their practice, reaching beyond the net and into local radio space… [they are] self contained transmitting units that are capable of broadcasting in a radius of about 100 meters. Transmitting on FM with these is as easy as plugging them into an audio out of a computer or MP3 player. The units are designed by Amsterdam artist Lotte Meijer to be robust and portable. Fitting easily in your pocket and powered by standard batteries BYP can be used at home or as a mobile broadcast unit."

I can imagine the units equally at home at a protest as in a densely populated urban area, busy tourist centre or sporting event.

(*disclaimer: actually using this device for it’s intended purpose in the UK would be illegal)

[spotted on: we-make-money-not-art]