video sharing site splits revenue with contributors

Revver, a video sharing site currently in beta launch, will share ad revenue 50/50 with the users. Ads will be placed at the end of each clip with users having some control over what ads they find acceptable. Each time the clip is shown, an advertiser pays. BBC News Online says:

“The net does offer ways to offset the cost of using it by making a little money on the side, but it can involve either a lot of luck or a lot of work. Luck is the hardest one to court but help could be at hand if you have a video to showcase thanks to Revver.Founded by movie and grassroots film veteran Steven Starr the site aims to be a showcase for video creators and will share any cash generated by adverts tagged on the end of any uploaded clips.”

The Revver site even offers an interesting idea for would be aggregators (who can take a 20% cut of ad revenue before the 50/50 split is calculated):

“Feeling ambitious? You can even use the Revver affiliate program to start a video blog or video website– we’ll be hosting the videos and you’ll be getting paid. Not a bad deal, huh? We want you to build on Revver, because the more videos you share, the better it is for you, for the creator, and for us. So you can start collecting all the cute puppy videos on Revver and build that puppy video site you’ve been dreaming of.”

Stuff on the site carries a Creative Commons license and Lawrence Lessig, founder of Creative Commons, enthuses about revver in a short clip on the site.

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