we media fringe – coverage

I’ll continually update this page with links to stuff created by people who attended and/or covered the we media fringe. Let me know if you’ve published something: robin at cybersoc dot com

Photos: "wemediafringe" is the #2 tag#1 tag of the day on Flickr!

Video: Roy Peterson has posted the first of his videos (Chris Yapp) from the fringe on NowPublic

Loopzilla has posted video of the presentations by Paul Evans, Guido Fawkes, and Neil Dixon on NowPublic.com

Audio: http://www.podcastnation.co.uk/podblog/ and/or http://funk.co.uk/funkblog.html

blogRelations reports that id3 Magazine has posted a podcast interview with Neil Dixon and Dean Whitbread of the UK Podcasters Association who they caught up with at the We Media Fringe

blogRelations points to a PodCast by a guy named Hugh of Suw Charmans talk at the We Media Fringe


Graham trades his noodles for a hotdog on his way home from the fringe.

Jemima Kiss, covering the fringe for PaidContent.org rediscovered the passion so lacking in the We Media Forum.

Jemima also had fun at the wemedia fringe.

A blog called Denkun Uber has written something about the fringe. Sadly, I have no idea what it says.

Martin Stabe, from the pressgazette hung out with the student journos (thanks!) and reckons the We Media Fringe represented a call to action that could, just maybe, help make day two of the We Media Forum better than the first.

Andrew Lih blogs about Suw Charman’s talk at the Fringe, titled something along the lines of "Why We Media Sucked"

Freedonuts at the Revolution is going to have video of most of the event but, for now, has a few photos of the TallSkinnyKiwi guy.

The Blogger News Network calls me nice and complains about all the BBC people. I reckon he’s right, there probably were a few too many BBC people there but, thankfully, most of them were either people who get it, co-conspirators who helped me organise speakers, or people who don’t quite get it but want to. Now if we could just organise a "blogging for suits" evening…

Jeff Jarvis turns up at the end of the Fringe but neglects to blog about it – yoo hoo, Jeff.

Neil Dixon, who spoke at the fringe and recorded audio for BBC 5Live’s Pods and Blogs, reckons I wandered around all night looking like a rabbit in the headlights

Guido woke up at 7.55am the next day to blog about the Fringe.

Nico MacDonald didn’t like the fringe at all. In fact, he seems to have revived his blog, dormant since 2004, to have a bit of a rant about it. He reckons the organisation sucked, the speakers didn’t refer back to WeMedia the conference enough, and that people chit-chatting at the back detracted from the event. He’s written useful summaries of the main points made by each of the speakers.


  1. thank god you didnt understood what i’ve wrote otherwise you would be wondering who am i here at reuters to kick my head :P
    no.. that ok.. i just remarked the Ben Metcalfe presentation; later i’ll post about other :)

  2. Not ‘We Media’, more like ‘them and us’ media

    Wemedia was more about them and us than how we all work together. Disappointing.

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