wemedia fringe – venue info for the forgetful


If you AREN’T on the guest list, then turning up at the venue isn’t going to do you any good. We’ve had more people trying to get on the list than the venue can physically hold, much less hold comfortably. You’ll just have to follow the event online.

If you’re lucky enough to have got your name on the guest list for the We Media Fringe, myself or a co-conspirator should have been sent information on the venue. But it’s been a bit hectic and I’m sure we’ll have forgotten to send at least a few people the address: 01zero-one, Soho Centre, Peter Street, London W1F 0HS (Doors open at 6pm for a 6.30pm start)

PLEASE DON’T turn up unless you know you’re on the list and PLEASE DON’T, if you are on the list, turn up with mates in tow thinking you’ll blag their way in. Thanks!

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