nancy white talk 17 july (london)

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Online community guru, consultant and blogger Nancy White will be giving a presentation – tentatively titled "What happens when you talk about Blogs and Community in one breath?" – at the next meeting of the International Association of Online Community Professionals (e-mint) in London on Monday 17 July <snip!> See more recent post for venue details

nbc to “embrace” youtube

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NBC is planning to promote new programmes by posting trails and clips on YouTube. John Miller, head of marketing at NBC, told that: "The distinction between television and video is becoming murkier and murkier… Rather than putting our heads in the sand and saying this doesn’t exist, we’re trying to jump in and embrace it." YouTube users have already posted clips of NBC shows like Conan O’Brien and Scrubs so I have to ask – what’s the point of NBC doing a deal with YouTube when they could simply turn a blind eye, or even link, to what dedicated fans are already creating and posting on YouTube? In (somewhat) related news, a research analyst at IDC, has told C-Net News that he has some serious doubts about YouTube’s ability to turn their business into a profitable one. Laurel Papworth has also had a look at the facts and figures behind YouTube’s...

robin on chris evans show (thurs)

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I’m tentatively scheduled to be interviewed about blogging by Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 this evening at 17.25 BST 18.25 BST(that’s 18.25 19.25 CET and 12.25 13.25 EST). In a chat with someone from the programme a few minutes ago, I mentioned that the Daily Kos, currently the 6th most linked to blog according to tracking service technorati, get’s 600,000 visits a day. The Kos was started four years ago by Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga, a former American soldier who grew up in El Salvador and Chicago, and is now one of the busiest blogs around with a daily audience larger than many major UK broadsheet newspapers (according to newspaper circulation figures, about the same as The Times and greater than the Guardian and Independent combined). I also sort of made the throw-away comment that Daily Kos "probably even has a larger audience than Chris Evans!" Well, apparently not. The Guardian reckons he has 6.5 million listeners. Queue nervousness… [You can listen live or download the podcast later [go to 1 hour 20 minutes for my bit] from the programme...

back from holiday

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happysplashing Originally uploaded by robinh1973. It’s back to work today so, as soon as I emerge from the pile of emails that awaits me, things will get back to normal. In the meantime, I thought I’d share this photo taken on a beach in Poland…

back soon!

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I’m going to be away from my trusty macbook for a few days so have put comments and trackbacks into pre-moderation. To keep regular readers busy, below are some links to some of the most popular content, in no particular order, from A sort of investigation of NetVocates Richard Sambrook’s guest blogger post about citizen journalism WeMedia Fringe coverage Making transparent editorial decisions User-generated content and the law (has significant posts on libel, harrassment and other topics) Normal service will resume in about a week....