cancelling an AOL account? think again… reader Vincent Ferrari recorded his attempt to cancel his AOL account. The original post got digg’ed to death and killed the guy’s monthly bandwidth limit so here’s a mirror. He really really just want’s to f**cking cancel the thing but the customer service rep keeps trying to *do him a favour* and keep the account open. The takeaway message? If you want to cancel, you’re gonna have to shut up long enough for the person on the other end of the line to tell you why that’s a really huge mistake, even if you don’t currently use the service much…

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  1. We moved to Boston in July 05. I had AOL auto debated to a credit card I do not use. In Aug we cancelled (after 30 minutes) the account. I did not update my address on the CC. In Feb 06 I ran across an old CC bill and remembered that we did not change the address. When I called the CC Company in Feb 06, I found out AOL did not cancel the account and continued to charge the CC.
    After an hour…AOL validating that the account was not cancelled when I called back in Aug 05…validating that I had not logged into the account since Aug 05…they finally canceled the account. I asked to be reimbursed and they refused. I had to pay and I’ll never use AOL again. This company is unethical. Maybe one day the company will get a soul and try to right the injustice/heartache they have caused thousands of people.

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