nbc to “embrace” youtube

YoutubeNBC is planning to promote new programmes by posting trails and clips on YouTube. John Miller, head of marketing at NBC, told SiliconValley.com that:

"The distinction between television and video is becoming murkier and murkier… Rather than putting our heads in the sand and saying this doesn’t exist, we’re trying to jump in and embrace it."

YouTube users have already posted clips of NBC shows like Conan O’Brien and Scrubs so I have to ask – what’s the point of NBC doing a deal with YouTube when they could simply turn a blind eye, or even link, to what dedicated fans are already creating and posting on YouTube?

In (somewhat) related news, a research analyst at IDC, has told C-Net News that he has some serious doubts about YouTube’s ability to turn their business into a profitable one. Laurel Papworth has also had a look at the facts and figures behind YouTube’s "success".