almost free international calls (and other tips)

Martinlewis I’ve recently been looking into how to cut the costs of the various services I subscribe to: 4 megabyte broadband, hotbird satellite with channel package, mobile phone with data add-on, international calls from said mobile and landline (yes, I know about skype but it’s just really inconvenient sometimes!) as well as utilities that I can shop around for like gas and electric. So what have I found? Well, most of the goodies come from Martin Lewis, the guy who has a column on the back page of the Guardian Money supplement on Saturdays.

The best find is cheap, I mean really really cheap (half a pence in some cases) international phone calls courtesy of the International Call Finder

I know it sounds a bit like an ad but I haven’t been paid or in any way asked to blog this, nor have I been given any free services – it’s just a good find!