myspace suffers outage

Myspaceoutage A power outage at a data center used by myspace is reportedly the source of the site’s current downtime. There is likely to be quite a backlash from myspace users who will be wondering why myspace doesn’t have redundent systems in place, for example back-up servers hosted elsewhere or power generators ready to go in the event of an electrical problem, both of which are steps usually taken by major websites and online services. Regular readers might recall that back in April I found a post giving details of the backend that drives myspace. If correct, myspace does indeed have three data centres so, if everything was working correctly, you’d think that myspace could keep limping along on the other two. But that seems not to be the case…

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  1. MySpace Outage

    The unthinkable has happened, MySpace went dark for nearly 12 hours due to power failures in California.
    Due to the record-breaking heat in Los Angeles over the weekend, the area where MySpaces servers are stored had massive power outage…

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