social bookmarking sites compared, diggtailrank, furl, reddit, shoutwire and other “link aggregators” and “social bookmarking” services have been compared by Lycos Webmonkey.

Never heard of any of them? It’s time to try.

The results? Lycos reckons that shoutwire, which I’d never heard of, has the “highest quality” of links and wins kudos for having “mixed” content rather than the usual web, social software, and design focus of similar services. I had a quick look and although it looks very similar to digg, it does indeed seem to be a lot less geek heavy.

BbcvsocialbookmarksFor comparison, to the left I’ve provided a screenshot of the front page of BBC News Online, taken at the same time as I was writing this post.

Digg’s current top stories are Would You Volunteer to Be Implanted with a Microchip? and The Origin of Ctrl-Alt -Delete

Shoutwire’s top stories, at the time of writing, are Fascism, American Style and Protecting Torture: The Red Cross’ Deadly Silence. Third is Israeli Cluster Munitions Hit Civilians in Lebanon.

Different links for different folks, of course…

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