us military wants you as it’s myspace friend

MTV news (yes, there is such a thing) reports that having a myspace profile is the latest recruitment method deployed by the US Marines in a bid to counter the declining numbers of new recruits.

Five months after its launch, the Marines have begun to see some solid results from their MySpace profile page, which, unlike the thousands of ones set up by bands that blast you with their music, opens with a video of Marine drill sergeants shouting orders at boot-camp recruits, who recite their credo while running through obstacle courses, shooting guns and practicing hand-to-hand combat amid images of waving American flags… since it’s launch, the Marines profile has gotten 500 responses (meaning someone clicked over to the page), with 200 panning out as "leads", or someone who is the right age and physically, mentally and educationally qualified for the service.

And you thought myspace was dangerous before! ;-)