robin on bbc 5live’s pods and blogs

A couple of weeks ago I recorded some interviews for BBC 5Live‘s "Pods and Blogs" at the e-tribes launch party, held at the top of the BT Tower. I managed to speak to e-tribes founder Simon Grice, who explained why they chose to launch a blogging service in what looks like a crowded and mature market, C-Net Europe’s Managing Director Tom Bureau who reckons a tool that’s a bit like myspace for adults seems like it’s got a pretty good chance of success and ‘Turkish’ from who mis-read the press release and found himself at an event full of "old" people.

5 Live hasn’t uploaded the programme file yet but it is currently available as a listen again option. Skip forward to around 1 hour 45 minutes in.

I also took lots of photos (click to see the set):

view from 34th floor BT tower


  1. Well at the moment the BBC is still in a podcasting trial and the number is strictly limited. So although we’re in the queue I’m afraid it may be a while yet before we get one.

  2. You’ve got a blog coming soon though, haven’t you Chris? (Chris is from 5Live’s Pods and Blogs)

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