the blogger vs mainstream media thing keeps following me

By on Aug 2, 2006 in wemedia | 1 comment

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For some reason, my is absolutely overflowing with "bloggers vs mainstream media" links:

Dan Gillmor has usefully summarised recent (never ending) debate on western shores, where we find:

Funny thing is, someone just emailed to tell me that he’d spotted a post on CompleteTosh which links to a comment I made on Steven Berlin Johnson where I linked to the NewYorker piece which he’d been avoiding reading because he’s a subscriber and his copy doesn’t arrive until tomorrow.

Obviously, this is a debate that just keeps following a lot of us around…

Which reminds me of "The Bloggers":

<< update >>

Jeff Jarvis points us towards baristanet where Debbie Galant who offers up a juicy example of what Lemann missed and the bloggers got.

<<another update >>

Jay Rosen rejoins the fray – thoughtfully, incitefully, engagingly… and Jeff Jarvis spots Rebecca MacKinnon joining the fray