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By on Aug 9, 2006 in academic studies | 5 comments

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Last week, the Bivings Report released an analysis of the Top 100 newspapers in America and their use of the web. Others have since done the same analysis on the top newspaper sites in other countries, including Brazil, Denmark and Italy providing useful and interesting comparisons to be made.

Below is a chart showing the results of my own analysis (source xls Download uknewspapers_interactivity.xls  w/ notes) of the websites of the 11 leading daily national newspaper titles in the UK, as determined by the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) figures for the 6 months ending 14 July 2006, as reported by the Times Online. Those papers are, listed in order below:

The Sun
Daily Mail
Daily Telegraph
Daily Express
Daily Star
The Times
Financial Times
Daily Record

(Please note: The following is an update of the original graph as I was sent some links to some harder to find examples of various web features on the main Guardian website. The updated graph shows that the Guardian has all of the web features possible within the Bivings criteria.)