aggregator of aggregators: threat to mainstream media?

Popurls I’ve just come across popurls, an aggregator of – what else – aggregators and social bookmarking sites.

So you get the most popular items on digg,, reddit, newsvine, metafilter, tailrank, google news, yahoo news, netscape, shoutwire, slashdot, wired, fark, nowpublic, and furl.

And for those who are more visual, there’s also flickr, youtube, ifilm, odeo, and videosift.

Lots of people are looking at sites like popurls and wondering aloud whether they’ll kill of the big news and media portals. I don’t think so – the aggregators and social bookmarking sites need content to reference. It’s also a non-sense arguement to claim that sites that gather traffic, and point them elsewhere, are a parasitic threat. More likely they’ll increase traffic to content sites.

The key question for content sites isn’t how to keep the aggregators out, but how to welcome them in and make it easier for their users to find, tag, bookmark, share and recommend content to others.

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