back soon…

I’m taking a short break and, after some deliberation and quite a few comments from you, I’ve decided to let the blog have a break too.

Looking for some good stuff? I’m subscribed to about 60 feeds that you might find interesting and have hundreds of sites bookmarked on my

You might also want to try some of my more popular categories (full list to the right), including citizen journalism, internet libel and online community. If you fancy your hand at stalking my blog posts (you didn’t expect me to suggest you stalk me, did you?!), you can have a look at what other blogs are saying about

It will be back to normal service – hopefully awash with inspiration and fresh energy – on what is, incidently, the 10th anniversary of the very first one page version of cybersoc!

I’ve put comments into pre-moderation so new comments won’t appear straight away. Sorry about that.