links for monday

  • India’s e-tutors give UK children homework help: Call centres charge £50 a month for unlimited individual help to pupils thousands of miles away

  • Fifth Circuit Affirms Lower Court Dismissal in Defamation Case; Lack of Personal Jurisdiction: In Ouazzani-Chahdi v. Greensboro News & Record, the plaintiff sued a Greensboro, North Carolina, newspaper claiming defamation. The lower court dismissed for lack for personal jurisdiction. The U. S. Fifth Circuit has affirmed.
  • DIY Media seminar on networked amateur cultural production: Howard Rhiengold and others at Annenburg
  • The Zidane smoking photo – a cautionary tale about ownership, copyright and licensing.
  • Can Digg be Democratic? From the Press Gazette…
  • ‘Blogosphere’ spurs government oversight People go digging for Govt. info
  • What is the next target for spam? – Digg and Newsvine, the next target for spam?
  • Follow you, follow me: GPS tracking can be used to stay in touch with friends, or more sinister purposes such as spying on a spouse. Ronan Fitzgerald examines the potential for abuse
  • Law Professor on Possibility of Craigslist Attack Lawsuit: How liable, if at all, is Jason Fortuny for publishing graphic and personally revealing information sent by men responding to a fake Craigslist ad?

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