nancy white’s paper: blogs and community

The Knowledge Tree has published a new article by Nancy White titled “Blogs and Community – launching a new paradigm for online community?” The abstract says:

Online community has been an important part of the Internet, mainly forming around email lists, bulletin boards and forums. In recent years, the ascendancy of blogs has introduced a new platform for communities. This article looks at some of the emerging patterns of blog based communities and raises some questions for their strategic application.

The paper is available as a blog post, word doc, pdf and – I really like this – a podcast read by Nancy herself, which I’m listening to right now.

I can’t wait to see the discussions this really interesting piece of work kicks off… oh, and congratulations Nancy!

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  1. Thanks, Robin! I’ll look forward to your thoughts. I feel the paper is just the start of my thinking and I hope to learn what others have been noticing and thinking.

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