teaching an old post new tricks: netvocates again

I always find it strange how a post that’s several months old can suddenly get a link from a big site and go bonkers with traffic.

Remember a few months back when I started posting about Netvocates, the company that willfully uses B.I.A.S. [“Blog Intelligence and Advocacy Service” – I kid you not] as it’s acronym. (I’ll link to all the posts I’ve tagged with Netvocates but, as they’re in the business of Astrotufing, I’m not going to link directly to them from this post.)

When I first blogged it, the post got some links from some busy blogs (Daily Kos, Pandagon and others), which were then linked to by lots of smaller sites, and then reblogged by lots of people on livejournal and by forum users. A couple months later, the whole thing was revived with a link from Feministe and traffic spiked up again.

Today it’s round three with a link from Crooks and Liars sending upwards of a thousand visitors to that post about Netvocates from way back in May.


  1. I posted this same comment on my own blog in response to the new interest, but thought I’d share here as well. I realize there’s little I can do to convince you, but I will simply reiterate that NetVocates does not engage in “astroturf” tactics. No anonymous posting of any kind. The folks at NetVocates simply communicate openly and directly with bloggers to share information. Contacts come directly and transparently from NetVocates using NetVocates email addresses and phone numbers. If you don’t see those, it has nothing to do with anyone at NetVocates.

  2. You say that your employees make comments engage in “no anonymous posting of any kind…” and that, when your people do post, they do so “using Netvocates email addresses and phone numbers.”
    If what you say is true, then why does the Google search I just did for your corporate phone number [ (603)935.5100) ] turn up just one link – to the contacts page of your website where I found the number in the first place?
    Either you have no clients or you aren’t doing what you say you do. Come on Chip, if you’re people are posting “using Netvocatess email addresses and phone numbers” why not show us an example where we can actually witness your team’s work in action?

  3. The reason your search doesn’t find things is because NetVocates employees typically email bloggers directly or using their contact forms on their web sites. Their goal is to share information with bloggers, not to post their own content. It is then up to the blogger whether they want to use the information or ignore it (as you may recall, that’s how we initially communicated months ago). NetVocates simply isn’t in the business of inundating blogs with comments, despite the perception of some in the blogosphere. Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to prove a negative, so all I can do is do my level best to communicate directly and honestly. At the end of the day, you and others will have to decide whether to accept what I have to say or not.

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