us presidential hopeful in second life

Most political campaigns aren’t exactly cutting edge or, at least they haven’t been until now. Over on Smartmobs they’re talking about the use of mobile phone technology in campaigning, having linked to a 30 page pdf on the subject the other day and following up with a post pointing to actual examples from around the world.

Mobile phones are pretty old school to those of us outside the US and have been used to various extents by all sorts of campaigning organisations, non-profit groups, activists and political parties. But it seems that former Governor of Virginia, Mark Warner, tipped to be a candidate in the next US Presidential elections has leapfrogged everyone by becoming the first mainstream American politician to publicly set up an avatar on Second Life. And he’s got bigger plans – a virtual town hall venue to discuss politics. If you want a decent discussion with genuine people then you better check it out now before the astro-turfers arrive.

[Update 03 Sept 11.35: more at Bivings]

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  1. During the last US elections there were all sorts of Secondlife citizens dressed head to toe in election advertising, and thousands of crap looking billboards with election campaing gumpf on them. it really spoilt the feel of the place.

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