£21k or $100 – highlighting some comments on the blog revenue post

It wasn’t quite the point I was trying to make when I posted yesterday about Guido scoffing at the idea of getting out of bed for £21,000, reportedly the average being offered for professional bloggers as based on a large job search site that bothered to do the research, but Graham Holliday, whose earnings I quoted in the post, has posted a comment that’s really worth reading (and Guido’s posted his two pence worth as well).

Have a look at what Graham has to say about adsense, why he posts screenshots of his traffic and earnings statistics, and how $100 in adsense revenue a month isn’t to be scoffed at. Great comment Graham, and an even cooler motivation for doing what you do.

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  1. Very interesting post and you have to take your hat off to Graham at Noodlepie for standing up and being counted and being such a trailblazer.
    But I’m not sure that all the paid jobs you’ll see advertised on the sites of blogging networks are going to make you rich. You have to make the most of your own site for that, or build a network of your own, don’t you?
    I am paid to write for a blog.
    I’m also paid to write features for some publications. To say the difference in the rate is monumental is like saying oh I don’t know Paul O’ Grady is a bit camp.
    For one feature, which involved the old fashioned journalistic ‘skills’ of persuading someone to speak to me, persuading them to hand over family album pictures and writing 1,500 words, I was recently offered 750 times the fee per post on the blog.
    I should point out that I didn’t manage it and someone else stole my thunder on a return visit! More “regular” features come in at 200 times the rate per post.
    Craig McGinty at This French Life has been very kind and helped answer questions about making money off a blog, saying ‘bloggers should stick together.’
    He offered brilliant advice, unfortunately and typically, I haven’t found time to act on it yet. If you can earn $100+ a month off a few ads at the end of a post, that has got to be worth looking at, hasn’t it?
    Personally, I’d hope that a consultant who could show the likes of me and others how to rake it in from a blog and say claim a percentage of the earnings could make a killing, and they wouldn’t necessarily be a wanker would they?

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