two big guys on “bikes” takeover bbc backstage

For those who aren’t familiar with it, BBC Backstage is a service that gives developers the opportunity to build stuff with BBC feeds and content. Backstage has been pretty quiet for the past few months as a replacement was found for Ben Metcalfe who announced he was leaving back in May.

Some of us have known about it for a while, but those reinforcements are now in place and it’s back to business as usual with a competition looking for the best widgets and gadgets made with content available on backstage. The two big guys now heading up backstage, Matt Cashmore who I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past and who is forever too busy to sample my Sunday roast, and Ian Forrester of CubicGarden/BarCampLondon/LondonGeekDinners fame, appeared to be getting on just fine when I spotted them in the office on Thursday.

I just hope that Matt “do you know how much I f*cking hate scooters” Cashmore doesn’t get too worked up when he realises that Ian quite likes his


  1. Ha ha! I never said I hate scooters… I said that if I ever get to see one up close it’ll be sent flat pack back to it’s owner! (not really… well). Sunday Roast… yes sorry matey my fault completely… things are calming down now though… soon!

  2. Huh thats nothing, wait until Matt get’s all frothy at the mouth about us BMW drivers. Broken indicators indeed…

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