your help needed: web based RSS reader that outputs RSS?

I’m working on a project where we require a web based RSS reader that can output RSS. Sounds crazy, I know, but basically we want to populate the RSS reader with a whole bunch of feeds, split into different categories, with each outputting as RSS. That RSS could then be republished as a feed on a page.

So, for example, if the topic was the Olympics, we could create a folder for each event. Then populate each of those folders with feeds from blogs about the relevant event. That would then output to via RSS (one feed out per folder) and could be republished. It would look something like this:

One web based RSS account – Olympics:
–> Rowing (12 feeds) —> RSS —> web page about Rowing
–> Swimming (10 feeds) —> RSS —> blog about swimming
–> Fencing (4 feeds) —> RSS —> vox profile of a fencer

Any suggestions?? Thanks!!


    Use the ‘My Clippings’ feature. This allows you to save RSS items into folders each of which has its own RSS feed.

  2. surely not a difficult thing to cobble together using a freely available RSS library and the programming language of your choice?

  3. I don’t know how to do that, however I’ve seen something similar done with simplepie (
    You’d need to make a full webpage for each feed. I think you can add feeds to, for example, a wordpress page using simple pie then use that feed as your new output.
    (I haven’t used it like this, I have implemented it in our new homepage (, but I think other people have.)

  4. Thanks for the tips. I’m not sure any of these quite solve the problem. I need to be able to centrally control the feeds that go into each folder. And each folder needs to output a single feed that is the results of a combination of all the feeds in it.
    The point is that I want to be able to create some topical pages that pull in this feed, itself actually an aggregation of lots of feeds, as well as things like flickr photos tagged with the topic, technorati searches tagged with the topic, etc.
    The topical pages will then be used to convince journalists that there is lots of good topical content out there that they can link to – which, I hope, will encourage them to do exactly that.

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