taking a break

Robininparis Hi. I’m taking a few weeks off from the blog.

For those of you with holidays to celebrate at this time of year, my best wishes go out to you and your families.

The conversations, contacts, friendships and information that this blog brings into my life have become increasingly important and fulfilling for me over this past year. It’s going to be hard to drag myself away for a few weeks – hopefully I can do it – but I do think that having a bit of time off will help me come back with some new stuff to say and bring some relief to these aching hands.

As I mentioned before, I thought I’d use this break as an opportunity to provide you with some links to related sites, content you might like, my various feeds and social bookmarks, etc. Just so you’re aware, I’ve also set the comments to pre-moderated and will publish all that aren’t against the law (libel, contempt, etc) or spam when I return.

A few of the Blogs I Read:

  • BuzzMachine: Jeff Jarvis tends to say the same things quite often, but he’s well connected and does bring good stuff to the table. Just don’t mention the shiny new Dell you got for Christmas…

  • Graham Holliday’s Noodle Pie is a good read, with posts that usually link out in all directions to give it a lot more depth once you’ve scratched the surface. Sometimes it’s about food, other times journalism and blogging. The photo was taken in Paris by Graham and is used under a creative commons license.
  • Chris Vallance on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Pods and Blogs blog
  • Shane Richmond’s Technology blog at The Telegraph
  • My RSS subscriptions and del.icio.us links page are also good sources of content

    Blogs from People Younger Than I:

  • Martin Stabe

  • Rach’s Journo Journey
  • Innovation in College Media

    Top Entry Points on Cybersoc (at the moment):

  • Le Web Index

  • Netvocates Index (they call it “advocacy, I call it astroturfing)
  • Pictures of the family of person who stole cameraphone start appearing on flickr
  • Nick Robinson’s blogging from a White House press briefing lands Bush in trouble

    3 posts no one noticed but I wished you had:

  • User-generated content and UK libel law (paper)

  • Canadian court says blogging “occupation” and bloggers can be “reporters”
  • What’s the purpose of TV and Radio blogs?

    Bored? You could…

  • Set up your own blog

  • Start using RSS
  • Join flickr and share your digital photos
  • Start geotagging your cameraphone photos with zonetag
  • For those of you in Manchester, please don’t forget the BBC blogging workshop I’m helping to run there in mid-January.

    See you in a few weeks!



    1. Have a good holiday, and thanks for reading … and the link. I don’t know if I could survive two weeks without weblog access. :-)

    2. Thanks for the link to Innovation in College Media – nice blog. Hope you have a great break. I’m almost there :-) Have a good one!

    3. I’ll admit Robin – I didn’t think you’d take the break, but you did. Respect. Now go sign up for Twitter – http://www.twitter.com – and get back inside this damned goldfish bowl with the rest of us.

    4. I don’t get twitter which, normally, wouldn’t be a reason to avoid it but in my current state of perpetual busy-ness I’m afraid it’s a goldfish bowl too far at the moment Graham! It’s nice to be back though. Thanks everyone for your holiday wishes, etc. :-)

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