1st argument of 2007: uk newspaper site stats

Last year we had the bloggers vs mainstream media, Jarvis vs Dell #2 (which seems to have ended amicably: see this note from Davos), what’s the purpose of newspaper blogs, and the fall out from Le Web 3.

So far this year – ok, I realise we’re only a month into 2007 – things have been surprisingly nicey nicey in the blogosphere. Well, except for bloggerheads vs Guido which most people will have probably missed anyway.

It looks like we’ve finally got our first big UK blogosphere fight of the year and it’s about stats. Rather boring, you might think, but The Guardian’s Simon Waldman has made an insightful post challenging the Telegraph’s claim to the title of UK’s busiest quality newspaper website.

Waldman’s post is well worth a read since it not only contains a plethora of statistics for newspaper websites, but because it also discusses the shortfalls of relying on each, or indeed all, as an appropriate measurement. Which reminds me… I need to go back and re-read the interesting post about measuring engagement that I bookmarked the other day.