blogging workshop at bbc manchester – thursday

BBC Manchester
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On Thursday, I’m helping give a blogging workshop at BBC Manchester.

We’re going to talk about the BBC Manchester Blog project which I’ve written about here before, introduce the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines, then help people get up and running using tools like flickr, blogger, vox, youtube, etc.

If you’re interested in coming, you can find out more here and the time/date details here. You need to email us…


  1. Manchester is a real blogging hotspot isn’t it? There are so many people I know of whose blogs I read regularly, based there – can you recommend any sources of information to find good Midlands-based blogs?

  2. Would have made the session but Thursdays and Mondays are no-can-do days for me. I had to leave the Manchester Blog Awards early for just that reason. Sounds like it went well though, so bring on the next one!

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