using the data protection act to reclaim charges (2)

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On the 5th I posted about my quest to use the data protection act, and some knowledge gleened from the internet, to claw back some of the bank charges I’ve paid over the years. I wrote “Data Subject Access Request” letters to my bank and two credit card companies, asking them to provide me with details of all penalty charges I’ve paid out over the last six years (the limit on claiming). Two points to my bank who wrote back to me by the end of the week to confirm that they would supply the requested information without charge, returning my cheque for £10, the maximum amount they can charge for processing requests under the Data Protection Act. And on Friday I received three large envelopes from my bank with details of every transaction – approximately 200 pages worth – I’d made using my account with them. The charges total £680 and many of them were of the triple whammy variety where you go over your overdraft and then get charged £25 for each of the next three transactions for a total of £75 – often incurred in a matter of hours. This evening I will be writing back to my bank detailing these charges and explaining that I don’t feel the penalties were valid, using my own spruced up version of the template letter found here. I’m still waiting to hear from the other two banks / credit card providers. I’ll continue to update the process of claiming these unfair bank charges back here, so do bookmark this page if you’re interested in following my...

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Good sources for UK internet statistics (tags: statistics uk newmedia) Citizen Journalists Compete with Pros to Make Paper’s Homepage · MarketingVOX (tags: denmark citizenjournalism citizensnappers usergeneratedcontent) ‘At first it seemed like career suicide’ – Adam Reuters Adam Reuters, the Reuters reporter inside Second Life, explains his job and some of it’s challenges to (tags: journalisttraining secondlife reuters journalism news2.0) PBS examines the political, cultural, legal, and economic forces challenging the news media today and how the press has reacted in turn. In addition to being able to watch it online, there are eacher packs and all sorts of goodies available. Nice. (tags: citizenjournalism citizensnappers usergeneratedcontent pbs journalism journalisttraining...

blogging workshop at bbc manchester – thursday

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BBC Manchester Originally uploaded by robinhamman. On Thursday, I’m helping give a blogging workshop at BBC Manchester. We’re going to talk about the BBC Manchester Blog project which I’ve written about here before, introduce the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines, then help people get up and running using tools like flickr, blogger, vox, youtube, etc. If you’re interested in coming, you can find out more here and the time/date details here. You need to email...

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Islanders believe in American GI “John Frum” as their messiah Wowed by US tanks and hardware during WW2, Island villagers continue to believe that their messiah was responsible for delivering to them the munificence of the US military. (tags: weird religion usa ww2 sprititual)

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Inventor of the Television Remote Control Dies (tags: tv television)