mmr07: blogging, not email – a quote well spotted

Linkitä, linkitä, linkitä!
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Tuija grabbed this shot of Richard Fair (right) and myself on stage at the European Broadcasting Union, waiting to give our presentation earlier.

While looking at her blog, which is mostly in Finnish to largely unintelligible to myself, I spotted a quote that really resonates with what Richard and I said during our presentation – that we don’t necessarily want people to send us emails, we simply want to know where people put their stuff so we can link to the best stuff. Here’s the quote Tuija blogged:

“[E]-mail just doesn’t work as well as it used to. Between spam and the general increase in traffic, everybody’s inboxes are overflowing these days. The last thing many people want is yet another round of incoming messages. At the same time, blogs are taking over the Web” [originally on Washington Post]

PS. Hilary is doing a much better job with the live blogging than I am at the moment. I seem to have peaked around lunchtime…