mmr 2007 @ european broadcasting union

Here’s a video of Guillaume’s (who is moblogging) presentation (well done tuija!):

Hillary Perkins (tuija has video) is giving the first of several BBC presentations of the conference. Radio One rented an island on Second Life. She says the point was to reach out to the audiences in Second Life who might not have even heard of Radio1 before. They didn’t advertise or promote the fact that they were holding part of a music festival in Second Life since it wasn’t about driving audiences there, it was about bringing audiences from second life to Radio1’s brand.

Hillary They gave away 12,000 virtual radio1 radio’s and had 6000 avatars visit the festival during the weekend. One guy made a t-shirt and gave it away to others for free.

Not everyone, of course, is happy about the growing corporate presence in second life and similar online environments but Hilary is enthusiastic as she shows avatars dancing on the BBC stage.

“It’s a community. Whatever you do in that space has to be with their agreement – the community is very sensitive to what you put there…. Don’t forget moderation issues. It’s a creative and fun environment, so work with it. YOu can’t go in and lock down your branding… give them your streams, let them put them in other places… Expect them to tak and remix your brand… If you try to stop it there will be a backlash against you…”

“Technical issues… each Island can actually only handle about 6000 visitors… you can open up your feed but not track it… you don’t need to get permission from Linden Labs, it’s open… they put a lot of effort into it but for the return in number of audience members, it maybe wouldn’t make sense to do again, but from a PR standpoint it was great….It’s a great place to try things out….”

Michael Mullane from the EBU is giving a presentation on the “shape of things to come”. It’s a live version of an insightful post he made a few days ago here. The presentation is gone in a flash – do check out the post, which I bookmarked the other day.

I like the idea of putting presentations online before giving them – the one Richard Fair and I are giving later today is available although it’s a whopping 4 mb powerpoint with loads of annoying animations. There’s also some audio in that folder that we didn’t manage to embed.