noodlepie interview with guido fawkes

Noodlepiedoesguido Graham Holliday, who blogs at noodlepie spent some time recently talking with Guido Fawkes, often referred to as “Britain’s biggest political blogger”.

Guido recently interviewed Nick Robinson who didn’t think much of the final product – using his rather good BBC blog to tell Guido to grow up. Guido later apologised and Nick pointed to it from his blog.

Make that the second big third big UK blog spat of the year after Guardian v Telegraph and the Sam Sethi Le Web 3 thing.

Anyway, Graham’s interview with Guido is certainly worth reading, thus the post rather than a simple delicious link.


  1. I forgot that Guido himself had another little spat earlier this year with Tim at Bloggerheads. Better watch yourself Graham! ;-)

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