what’s the point of tagging it with mmr07?

Just had a chat with Guillaume during the coffee break and we decided to start spreading the word that people should tag with mmr07. We convinced Michael Mullane that this was a good idea and he made an announcement that was met primarily with dropping jaws (“errrr…. what?!”) rather than enthusiastic understanding. It’s funny how those of us who do this stuff often forget that, well, we’re not normal internet users.

So what’s a tag? A tag is a short description of content, usually a single word, that makes it easier for audiences to navigate their way to your content.

Tagging with mmr07 makes it possible to find photos taken by conference participants and uploaded to flickr, videos on youtube, blog posts and del.icio.us links.

Without tags, we’re all sitting here on our own listening to presentations and not particularly interacting with each other. With tags we suddenly have connections, conversations, feedback. So tag it with mmr07 and let’s start talking.

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  1. Yeah those little “hmm, maybe we’re not so normal” moments are interesting aren’t they. We assume so much of our colleagues in the industry… if they don’t know about tagging we really can’t assume our audiences do.
    (and does anyone else think “vaccine controversy” whenever MMR is mentioned?)

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