my 1000th delicious link

Delicious I just made my 1000th bookmark on – just one year one month and one day after I joined. That’s around 3 bookmarks per day, give or take a few percentage points that aren’t worth revisiting the math anxiety that so hobbled me in my teenage years to figure out.

Although I’ve been using since March 2006, it took me a good six months or so to really get the power of diligently finding, saving, tagging and sharing links to web content I’ve thought was interesting or useful.

Nowadays, if I don’t see something come through one of the RSS feeds I subscribe to and it’s not in the main news, I probably don’t see it – unless I spot a bookmark to it in my network, a group of people, some I know, some I don’t, who act as a sort of hoover + filter for me.

Do you find and bookmark stuff you think I might like? Let’s start sharing…