2300+ uk newspaper rss feeds available in one place

This has to be one of the most wonderfully useful (not to mention altruistic) things I’ve come across online recently: Martin Belam at CurryBetDotNet has compiled two massive lists (available as OPML files – more on that in a minute) of RSS feeds from UK based newspapers as well as their blogs. One of these has an astonishing 2,316 feeds, the other a more manageable 348. All you do is download the file and import it back into your RSS reader of choice.

So what? Ok, check this out. Once you’ve imported the feeds into your RSS reader, you can mine the feeds for whatever it is you are interested in. Want to know what every major UK newspaper website and blogger had to say about the Taliban’s renewed efforts to attack Kabul? Simply keyword search the feeds for Kabul and you’ll find every single mention from every single UK newspaper website or blog – instantly and right there inside your RSS reader.

Who would want to use this? Journalists, academics, PR people, bloggers, sports fans, the government and politicians – in fact anyone with a keen personal or professional interest in a topic likely to be in the news.

Don’t have an RSS reader? No problem – CurryBetDotNet has the solution for that too with Grazr, where someone has already uploaded the UK newspaper OPML to create the widget below that can be embedded [get code] into any web page or blog.

I can’t begin to express how incredibly useful Martin Belam’s OPML files of UK newspaper RSS feeds could be – I’m simply flabergasted!


  1. Another idea for filtering all these feed articles – illumio is a new feed reader that actually will prioritize your feed articles based on your interests, so you can easily scan through the ones that you care about. It’s a free download at http://www.illumio.com.

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