nmkforum2007: live blogging kit

This is a glimpse of the contents of my hard shelled rucksack that I’ve justed finished packing in preparation for a day of live blogging at the NMK Forum on Wednesday.


Contents include (from top left): Vario 2 Windows Mobile from T-Mobile, Nokia N70, USB Nokia Charger, MacBook projector dongle, BBC business cards in aluminium case from Muji, Mac Book Pro, spare Mac Book Pro battery, Mac Mag Safe Charger, iPod cable, 60GB Video iPod, Sennheiser in ear headphone buds, micro-memo digital recorder for iPod, ElectroVoice “The Hammer” microphone, camera case, Canon digital Ixus camera, extra CF card for camera, camera lead. I hope I’m not forgetting anything…

(Photo idea stolen from Graham)


  1. Hi Robin,
    Would you recommend the “The Hammer” microphone for on-location podcasting? Does it work well with your ipod? garageband? Does it help limit background noise?
    Your personal experience would be invaluable. Thanks!

  2. Hi Craig. The ipod is never going to be as good a recording device as lots of other things. Most of my BBC colleagues still use a minidisc.
    But yes, this microphone is WAY better than the one that comes with the micromemo itself.
    It’s heavy though, so a bit like a digital SLR – great when you know you’re going out to capture something but otherwise a real pain to lug around.
    Thanks for stopping by! :-)

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